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Content Writing And Marketing Tips For 2014 As we all know, Google wants to offer a high quality and a relevant content to the users. For this, it is important to make a strategy or a plan for content writing and its marketing. In this article it is discussed about the content writing tips that will help you to succeeed in 2014:

1. Lay a foundation: Create calendar for your content now. It will only be a skeleton, but the skeleton is what that will hold the body of your content month by month throughout the year. You can rely on a spreadsheet and your spreadsheet should include:

Content goals,breakout month by month
List of holidays and events of each month and any other speaking gigs which your brand may be presenting.
List of topics
List of keywords.
A column to track the content across downloads, social shares, conversions etc.
Shareability rankings and popularity of author
A column for notes to track suggestions for improvement
Type of content( audio, blog, video, display ad, tweet, image etc.

2. Practice versatility: Gone are those days when “ content” meant the “blog post” . Earlier, great content plans include blogging but now content also includes podcasts, infographics, videos, ebooks, eNewsletters and much more. The more attractive and engaging is your content, the more will be the users and shares.

3. Plan further: After looking at your content calendar and event calendar, map your needs now. Think of a project that might grow. Don't wait until the last minute with a hope that your favorite developer or copywriter will have some extra time to slot you in.

4. Be useful: If you have mapped out your content, gotten your team together, planned your SEO and paid media campaigns, then be useful is your next step. The internet has plenty of parodies, memes and viral videos if you have all this, then it would going to convert a lot more people into leads who interact with you.

At last see, what you can do to add more to internet's value in 2014 and your content that lasts for long tail will attract more people.

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